Counseling by phone is a rapidly growing addition to the traditional in-office and group counseling methods offered by mental health and other professional counselors who work with personal and relationship issues as well as other human growth and development concerns.

The Internet and other 21st century technological advances (such as the cell-phone and lap-top computer) have created a growing (but, as yet, largely untapped) potential for, and emerging interest in, the use of on-line systems as the most convenient, efficient and cost effective method for both the use and delivery of phone counseling services. These new and exciting potentials inure to both counselors and clients alike.

Counselors By Phone (CBP) is a unique new on-line program designed to develop this potential. If you are an individual seeking counseling and would like to explore counseling by phone, click "For Clients" to see how quick, convenient, flexible and economical it is to find a counselor, schedule you own appointment and pay on-line using the new CBP program.

If you are a professional licensed counselor in any state and would like to expand your current practice (or start an Internet only practice) by offering a "state of the art" On-Line Counseling By Phone Service, click "For Counselors" at left to learn how the CBP program can help you.